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Quiz on Human Resource Management: 17 May 2021 – Department of Commerce

A Quiz was held on 17/05/2021 for the 1 st year B.Com B section on the Topic Human Capital Management by Asst. Professor Nikhitha S Thomas. It was conducted online through G- meet. 70 students actively took part in this activity. Kahoot (a game-based learning platform that makes it easy to create, share and play learning games or trivia quizzes) was used to make the quiz more interesting and interactive. The objective of conducting the Quiz on the topic Human Resource Management (HRM) was to check the level of understanding and the knowledge of students in the subject area and to enable students to be better Quizzer.

The learning outcomes included understanding of key terms, concepts and practices within the field of HRM. It demonstrated competence in development and problem-solving in the area of HR Management. It Provides innovative solutions to problems in the fields of HRM It was a very interesting and interactive activity wherein the concept was explained after each question which helped the students to relate the concept to the real business scenario. All the students participated with great zeal.

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