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Setting Up of Library by CSA – PG Centre Aug-Dec 2019

“Cultivating reading habits among children” being the motto of the activity, the Centre for Social Action (CSA) planned to collect books from students and faculty of Post-Graduation Centre. The Government School, Nerlur, Bengaluru was the identified to set up library. On December 10th, 2019, the CSA – PG Centre set up a library at the school. Books were donated to the school for the use of children to improve their reading skills and knowledge.

Reading is an important activity to improve our sphere our knowledge. Cultivating the habit in young age would help children to gain knowledge at young age and prepare them for a competitive world. Reading should be a conscious practice in all stages of life. The Centre intended to, make books available for children who do not get much access to it. CSA volunteers were briefed about the talk they will have to give in each of the classroom. The importance of reading and its benefit was highlighted in each speech. This would explain the purpose of the visit and make it more meaningful.

CSA Volunteers went into each classroom and distributed chocolates and the eco-friendly pencils given by the SFS Management. The volunteers read stories to children in different classroom. They arranged for activities like quiz, and some icebreaking activities. The team had a wonderful experience in spending time with children. Setting up the Library not only was a benefit for the school children, but in turn gave a good experience to the volunteers about the importance of reading and library in an Educational Institution.

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