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Centre for Social Action - Clothes for Kids Post Graduation Centre – December 11, 2019

“To me there is no picture so beautiful as smiling, bright eyed, happy children; no music as sweet as their sweet and ringing laughter”

Innocence in children is very precious, which is not bound to any materialistic pleasures. Basic necessities are very important in life. Parents would always cater to the needs of their children. But economic conditions would limit the facilities that could be provided. Centre for Social Action (CSA), intended to support such families who were not able to provide decent clothes to their kids. A locality closer to college premises was identified and a team of CSA-PG visited the area and enquired about children residing there. Circular was sent to donate clothes for children below 5 yrs of age. Instruction was also given that clothes will be taken, only if they are in good condition. After a week, the collected clothes were taken and distributed to the families living there. They had also purchased some biscuits and chocolates to be distributed to the kids. The team enquired about the lifestyle of children, their safety and education. The team decided it would initiate in future for a better action, focusing on the education of children from poor families. CSA-PG volunteers initiated in collecting, segregating and distributing clothes to children. The parents were ecstatic with the donation and their happiness and satisfaction among the Team members served the purpose.

SFS College