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Mathematics Quiz: May 15, 2021 – Department of Science

Math Quiz was conducted on 15 th May, 2021 by the Department of Science, under the Association - Math π rates for both first- and second-year students. Prof. Senthil Kumar, Prof. Rashmi and Prof. Roshini Kossshy were responsible for conducting the activity. Quizzes are not only fun for students; they are also a sneaky form of learning as they don’t feel like a traditional activity. Quizzes can help students practice existing knowledge while stimulating interest in learning about new subject matter.

Questions were asked through Google form, link was posted through Google classroom of each class and students were asked to submit the form by the scheduled time, it was conducted for the first and second year MEC and PCM students. Mathematics Quiz is a small test administered to know the students’ knowledge and understanding in the field of Mathematics. This activity could be considered as a platform for promoting the concept of online activity for gaining knowledge among students. It was a different experience for them other than classroom teaching. There were questions asked with respect to Mathematical general knowledge, the grades were released immediately after submission, so students were able to get their scores instantly.

The quiz was conducted in order to develop critical thinking among students, to develop the skill of answering precisely, to make the students think and answer quickly, to get equipped with useful and important facts. To make students to get an awareness about the contribution of mathematics and its discoveries.

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