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Experimental Learning – Math Puzzle: 12 June 2021 - Association of Math π Rates under the Department of Science

An experimental learning activity was conducted on 12 th June 2021 by the Association of Math π Rates under the Department of Science, for all the MEC and PCM students. It was conducted by Prof. Rashmi and Prof. Roshini for first and second year MEC and PCM students. For Final year MEC and PCM it was conducted by Prof. Jenifer Sujitha and Prof. Senthil Kumar. Almost 101 students participated in the activity.

Math Puzzle unlike ordinary puzzle is quite stimulating, exhilarating and exerting the brain power as it involves meticulous calculation. This activity could be considered as a platform for promoting the concept of online activity for gaining knowledge among students. It was learning with activity which was useful to students in enhancing their knowledge. The puzzle was conducted in order to develop thinking among students, to develop the skill of answering precisely, to make the students think and answer quickly, to get equipped with useful and important facts. This also makes students cognizant about the contribution of mathematics and its discoveries.

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