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One-Day Debate Competition on Benefits of Using Technology in Maths Class: 25 th May 2021 – Department of Mathematics (PG)

The Post-Graduation Department of Mathematics of SFS College organized a One-day Debate Competition on Benefits of using Technology in Math class on 25 th May 2021. It was coordinated by Prof. Padmavathi – HOD of the Department of Mathematics and were judged by Dr. Thanapackiam and Prof. Siny Philip from the Post-Graduation Department, who are known for their skills in debating. Technology provides additional opportunities for learners to see and interact with mathematical concepts.

The debate teams presented their views about the advantages and disadvantages of using Technology in Maths. Some of the points made the students think about the facts and possibilities of technology in the field of Maths. Arguments were made and proved. Students were immensely benefited by this debate which covered insight about two dimensions of usage of Technology in Maths. This competition gave an opportunity to students for Group discussion, expressing their views & looking at both sides of Technology.

Technology can be used most effectively to help students gather data, and test, modify, and reject or accept conjectures as they think about these mathematical concepts and experience mathematical research. The primary goal of a debate is for students to generate effective critical thinking into primary issues in the given topic. E-certificate was provided for the winners and to the participants.

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