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Personal Hygiene Session - 15th February, 2021 - Women Empowerment Cell

A one day programme on Personal hygiene was organised by the Women Empowerment cell. The resource person for the day was Mrs. Lathika, College student Counsellor. The resource person explained Personal hygiene from a very basic level as to how one should pay attention to cleanliness and also described the negative impact it puts on one’s personality if these basic practices are avoided or ignored

She emphasised how hygiene leads to a healthier life, free from diseases and inadequate sanitary conditions leads to the spread of communicable diseases mostly in developing countries. She spoke on the fact of contacting millions of outside germs and viruses that can linger on the body, and in some cases, they may make one sick. Mrs. Lathika highlighted that health is a state of physical and mental and social being and not just absence of disease. Physical and mental health are interrelated. So we can describe health as a sound body in a sound mind. She mentioned that a right kind of diet and intake of water is a part of a healthy lifestyle. It is important to have a proper sleep routine to help in rejuvenating the body as most of the body repairs take place when one is asleep. She also encouraged the students to Practice breathing exercises which help lessen stress and anxiety.

The session was quite interesting and practical and in addition to this, they also had an interaction of the same at different levels.

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