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Group Discussion: 12 th May 2021 – Dept of Business Administration

On 12 th May 2021, as part of the classroom activity, Group Discussion on the topic - Consignment, Joint venture and Purchase Consideration was conducted for the 1 st year BBA students. Prof. Mangayarkarasi N – HOD of BBA had entrusted the responsibility of the group discussion to Prof. Ashwini C.

The objective of this activity was to make the students understand the differences between Consignment and Joint Venture. And also, the calculation of Purchase Consideration using different methods. The students were divided into 2 groups. One group discussed on Consignment and Joint venture. The other group had discussion on Purchase consideration. Such activities lead to active participation from students with team efforts. Group Discussion is an effective tool in problem solving, decision making and personality assessment. This skill ensures academic success, popularity and good admission or job offer. The department is focused on imparting knowledge through such events.

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