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"Run for Farmers" - 5k Marathon - National Farmathon: June 23, 2019

On 23rd June 2019, Sunday, National Farmathon “Run for Farmers’ was organized by Estah Society, an NGO and St.Francis De Sales College.
National Farmathon is the first of its kind event that attempts to bring together those who support and those involved in natural farming. Mr.Atchut Rao, founder of non-profit organizing - Estah Society organized this event in the presence of Rev Fr. Dr. Roy P.K, Principal, SFS College and Lt. Sampath Kumar R, Associate NCC Officer along with Dr. Edison, Vice Chairman and Farmers C. Kumar from thalli and Karunkar Reddy from telangana.

Around 500 students participated in the 5k marathon and walkathon from various other institutions. More than 30 NCC cadets from SFS College actively participated in the Run for farmers which started around 7:30am. NCC Cadet Pravin M won the 3rd place in the 5k marathon and was awarded with trophy and sports shoes, sponsored by Decathalon.

Rev Dr. Roy, the Principal also felicitated Farmer Karunkar Reddy from Telangana as the Best Farmer for his service in agriculture.
National Farmathon aim to engage with best minds from across India for the well being of the Indian farmers because over the years formers have been the cornerstones of many housing civilizations and contributed sturdily for a stable economy.

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