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Essay Writing Competition “21वीं सदी और मानव कीचुनौतियां”: 24 May 2021 - Hindi Department

On behalf of the Hindi Department Association – SURABHI, Essay Competition was conducted on 24/5/2021 for Hindi students of II and IV semester. The topic for the competition was “21वीं सदी और मानव कीचुनौतियां and around 23 students took part. The Surabhi Association conducts such activities for the overall development of the students. This improves their reading and writing skills and also aids the learning process through creativity. The essay competition focuses on critical and analytical thinking skills that improve communication. They learn to present their ideas in a coherent manner. It promotes research skills and the students gain knowledge through the same.

The competition was conducted online, on the G-suit platform for one hour from 3:00pm to 4:00pm. The judge for the competition was Dr. Ambika Nautiyal from BSc Department. Essay writing is a form of self-expression that allows students to frame their thoughts and present them. It is also an effective way to apply language skills in topics of various disciplines. The objective of the essay competition was to enhance self confidence among the participants. To make them understand that success only comes to those who strengthen their belief in their abilities. Self-confidence makes the person more independent, eager, optimistic, loving and positive by nature.

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