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A Guest lecture was held on 13th January, 2021 on the topic " Scope For Research In Entrepreneurship And Innovation". The session was organized by the Department of Commerce for the second-year students. Veena Anand, Assistant Professor, Jindal College for Women, Bangalore was the resource person for the session. The pre-recorded YouTube video was played to the students by the respective class mentors using the zoom platform. The main objective of the session was to make the students aware of the scope and opportunity available for Agri-entrepreneurship.

Professor Veena Anand explained how Entrepreneurship in the field of agriculture can generate a wide range of economic benefits such as increased Agri productivity, creation of new business ventures, new jobs, innovative products and services, development of rural areas, and increased wealth. Agriculture, being the primary source of livelihood for about 58% of India's population (FY 2020) has a greater impact on economic growth. Thus, the involvement of youth in agriculture is vital as they are more energetic, productive, and receptive to new ideas and advanced technologies.

The session was attended by more than 250 students. It helped the students to realize the importance of Agri- Entrepreneurs and how it has an impact on the promotion of the food processing sector in India.

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