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On 30th September2023 and 5thOctober 2023 NCC cadets of SFS degree college belonging to 1/1 COY ARMY WING supervised class level elections and college student council elections for college student representatives who were nominated for different posts namely chairman, vice chairman, secretary, vice secretary, cultural and sport representatives.

In a demonstration of civic responsibility and organizational prowess, NCC cadets were called upon to supervise and conduct class-level elections for college student representatives, as well as representatives for sports and cultural activities. The election process was meticulously orchestrated, with NCC cadets taking charge of the proceedings. Each NCC cadet individually visited allocated classrooms, equipped with ballot papers, to facilitate a fair and impartial voting process. Nominees contesting in student council elections were seated separately during the polling hours to avoid vote rigging. This approach ensured the confidentiality of each student's vote and contributed to the overall transparency of the election.

The atmosphere during the election was dynamic, with NCC cadets actively engaging and guiding their peers through the process. The successful execution of the election, from the casting of votes to the efficient counting process, exemplified the discipline and dedication of both the NCC unit and the participating students. The timely announcement of the election results brought clarity to the elected representatives for both civil students and sports/cultural activities. At the end of student council elections our Principal Rev Fr Binu took an official consent from the winning students. These representatives are now entrusted with the responsibility of representing their peers and contributing to the enhancement of the college's civil community and extracurricular endeavours. The event not only highlighted the democratic values within the college but also underscored the crucial role that NCC cadets play in fostering a sense of responsibility and leadership among students. This collaborative effort between NCC cadets and the college community exemplifies the positive impact that such initiatives can have on the overall development of students.

In conclusion, the NCC cadet-supervised class-level elections and student council elections for student representatives and nominees for different posts were conducted successfully. The event reflects the commitment of NCC cadets to both democratic principles and the holistic development of their fellow students.

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