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Classroom Activity on CASE ANALYSIS OF NOKIA: 17 th May 2021 – Department of Business Administration

DESMA – Association of the Department of Business Administration is keen on organizing online classroom activities for promote online learning among students. Class room activity on CASE ANALYSIS OF NOKIA was contrived by Prof. Victoria Reena on 17 May 2021 for the final year students of BBA.

The activity started through online mode for VI semester BBA A and B section students. The session started with a short introduction regarding the objective and purpose of the activity. A brief presentation about the history and background of the company, the successful years of NOKIA and the strategies and techniques implemented which made it the leading market player in the mobile industry in addition to the key reasons for the downfall of NOKIA was highlighted.

The objective of this session was to enable the students gain hands on skills of analysing a particular business scenario and to develop in the area of problem solving and decision making. To help the students to get a practical knowledge of the business strategies and their implications. To understand the step-by-step procedure of giving solutions to a real case relevant to the subject.

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