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Chaucer’s Academy: I am a Storyteller - 13 November, 2020 - Dept. of English

A good story can imbibe the right values in the most impressionable age! It’s the stories that give wings to our imagination and take us to places beyond the boundaries of our physical world and into the land of fairies, dragons and wishing trees. It is our imagination that we embrace things and situations that we shy away from the real world. A story telling competition was organized by the Chaucer’s Academy - Department of English, SFS College, on 13 November, 2020. In order to improve the writing skills of the students, a few students were asked to write the report of the story telling competition. The best two reports were selected and awarded prizes. Prof. Vimala S. PG Department of English, SFS College, was the judge of the storytelling competition.

Thirty-two students participated in this competition. The young enthusiastic storytellers, armed with their props, came forth with wonderful tales. While some stories gave the audience food for thought, others reinforced moral values. All the participants mesmerised the audience with their wonderful and thought-provoking stories. The stories were based on various themes like discrimination, struggles of life, self-motivation, adapting to changes, friendship, handling situation, unity, self-respect, beauty concept and honesty etc. The young storytellers impressed the judge as well as the audience with their amazing story telling skills. At the end of the event, feedback was collected from all the participants. The storytelling competition was a thumping success.

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