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Class Room Activity - Case Study Analysis on IBM Ltd and Stock Market View: 5 th May 2021 – Department of BBA

An online CASE STUDY ANALYSIS was conducted using zoom platform on May, 2021 for V Semester Sec A and B students of BBA Department. The students enthusiastically participated and showcased their brilliance by rapidly answering the questions. They found this analysis was very informative and knowledge enriching. Not only are case studies give practical knowledge for students, they are also a wily form of learning as they don’t feel like a habitual activity.

The outcome of this activity is to help the Online programs provide immediate feedback to their answer and let students know where they’re wrong as they provide instant results. This gives students a direction to the areas in which they ought to improve and form a strategy for the same. Students can retake a practice as often as they want to improve their score.

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