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Two Day National Level Workshop on Business Analytics: 20 th – 21 st May 2021 – Dept of BBA in association with Research and IP Cell

A two-day workshop on Business Analytics was conducted by Department of Business Administration in association with Research & IP Cell, St. Francis De Sales college from 20 th to 21 st May 2021. The workshop was intended to make the participants to understand recent development in management in the field of Business Analytics. It was conducted for academician, research scholar and students. The workshop focused on the following aspects like - Applications of Analytics in Business, Business Analytics in various field, Data for Business Analytics and Decision models in competitive world.

Day One: 20-05-2021 – Topic: Application of analytics in business

The resource person for the day was Dr V Krishnamoorthy, MBA, M.Com, Ph.D, Professor of Management Studies from Kongu School of Business, Tamilnadu. This session dealt with application of business analytics, analytics in business with respect to marketing, finance and human resource. It also covered on classification of business analytics, trends in business analytics and its future scope. Dr. V Krishnamoorthy explained how to identify changes that can make to operational improvements, innovation or adaptation. He suggested to focuses on data, statistical analysis and reporting to help investigate and analyze business performance in order to improve the performances of business. A detailed outlook onto descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics was explained.

Day 2: 21-05-2021 – Topic: Analytics for Business Decisions in a Competitive Environment

The resource person for the second day was Dr.R.Somasundaram, BE(Agri.Engg), ME(Industrial Engg), PGDM, Ph.D(Operations), Professor & Head of Management Studies from Kongu School of Business, Tamilnadu. This session covered the evolution and scope of business analytics, data for business analytics and decision models in competitive world. By taking sales and purchasing transaction database file in excel sheet, the resource person explained how the data has to be collected and with the help of database file he explained in detail the sales promotion model, break even decision model, linear & non-linear demand prediction model and pricing model for identifying the best solution. He used case studies to make the participants understand the topic well. Overall, the 2-day workshop was highly interactive and prolific for the participants.

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