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Workshop on Java Programming and its Applications - Department of BCA- October 3, 2019

The Department of BCA Conducted One-day Workshop on October 3, 2019 for the V-Sem Computer Science students. The topic for the day was “Java Programming and its Applications” and the Resource person was Mr. Nagendra, who is currently employed with ATS, Bangalore. The venue for the workshop was the Business Lab. The goal of this workshop was to introduce students to the practicalities of the Java language and provide them with enough references to pursue the topic further.

As with every story, even Java has a history and that is where Mr. Nagendra started with the workshop. He proceeded with the basics – Core Java. He took ample time to explain each slide and to clear any doubts, if any. After that, he moved on to Advanced Java. This was a fast track session to make students familiar with the subject. Mr. Nagendra - proficient in the Java Language gave a clear view on the topic and made possible an interaction with the students where their queries were cleared.

This workshop was informative as well as edifying to explore new grounds. The Department was grateful to Mr. Nagendra for spending his valuable time. The students shared a positive feedback and welcomed him to give another session.

Java remains one of the most revolutionary and powerful programming languages, with more than 9 million developers worldwide. Java is the foundation for virtually every networked application. The emerging prevalence of Big Data is primarily rooted in Java, and the Internet of Things is being built largely on Java devices. Modern computer science education pathways are incomplete without courses in object-oriented programming and Java.

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