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A workshop on Tally ICT “Emerging Packages” by Prof. Rakshitha G and Prof. Ramandeep Kaur Department of Management was organized for the students of class 2 nd year BCA on 30/01/2021(Saturday) in computer lab 2.

Most of the features of Tally, was explained within 4 hours of duration. The resource team could grab the attention of each student and made it remarkably interesting. Introduction to accounting and golden rules were explained first. Theoretically explained about Tally, and then practically students had hands on the session system with their guidance. All the necessary precautions as per the SOP released by the government with regard to Pandemic were followed.

Morning the session had started with the basics of accounting packages and Prof.Ramandeep explained about installation of tally. Tally Extensions are Specific Product features created by Tally solutions and delivered in the form of Product Extensions. Potentially, in future, these Extensions may be made a part of the product itself. These extensions can now be searched and deployed using an intuitive deployment mechanism directly from within Tally ERP9. Creation and execution of accounts in the name of the trading and non-trading organizations, including alteration and deletion

Students had a hands-on practical session to create company and prepare various ledgers and posting the transactions using different vouchers Then Prof. Rakshitha continued the session with the details of Recording of inventory information towards the end and the session concluded.

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