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Activity on Marketing - Mix of Services: 24 November 2021 – Department of Business Administration

An activity marketing - mix of services was conducted for the Second-year students of Department of Business Administration on 24 th November 2021. The activity was moderated by Prof. Rakshitha G for 3 rd semester BBA B section students.

The objective of this activity was to enable the students to analyse the marketing mix of services. Marketing mix is a very important concept in marketing. So, to practically understand the concept on how companies are designing the marketing mix for their products and services, this activity was conducted. The marketing mix of services talks about 7P’s like product, process, place, physical evidence, price, promotion, people. The students were divided into group and made to prepare for the presentation. Then on 24 th November 2021, the presentations were held and each team explained the given topic. So, this activity has led students understand the marketing mix practically.

The response was good from the students as they all participated actively in this activity. Some of the positive outcome from this activity is that students were able to test their knowledge relevance towards the marketing mix. The communication and leadership skills were enhanced. Students were given exposure about how the presentations should be given.

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