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Ankuram 2021: 9 May 2021 - Department of Science and Research & IP Cell

Ankuram 2021 National Student’s seminar was conducted on 9th May 2021 by the Department of Science and Research & IP Cell. The topic for the National Seminar was “Infectious diseases and Climate Change: New Approaches and Solutions”. This year Ankuram 2021 could bring the students before the mindfulness of a researcher like Dr Navin Kumar R., Assistant Professor, Department of Electronics, Ms. Ramaiah College of Arts Science and Commerce, Bengaluru. Ankuram 2021 could bring all budding researches under a platform of knowledge exchange. Through this annual event, the organisers could initiate imbibe the concept of research among students and this helped to encourage the faculty members to involve themselves in activities.

Science is extremely diverse but converging and overlapping. The seminar focused on nurturing the research culture among Post graduate as well as graduate students through paper presentations. Dr Naveen Kumar took the participants through the timeline of pandemics that the world faced also explained the relevance of protecting our environment for a sustainable future and wellbeing. He expressed the definition of health researcher and an expert in electronics could relate the current topic of infectious diseases through his talk.

The keynote address was followed by oral presentation by the student participants. There were 10 presentations under the technical session 1 on Technology and Climate change. Under technical session 2 there were 9 presentations on mathematical modelling of infectious diseases. There was a total of 19 presentations and a maximum of 120 for participants joined for the session.

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