National Cadet Corps [NCC] We are proud to announce that SFS college is the only college that has NCC hurdles and shooting range in all of Bangalore University and Karnataka state. The college offers training under the Army, Navy and Air wings of the NCC for both boys and girls. This unit is part of 1.KAR.BN.NCC. The NCC of SFS college will have 20 parades during the academic year. It includes parades of firing, social service and other adventures. The regular parade includes training in drill, arms, map reading, weapon training etc. The adventure activities include parasailing, horse riding, rock climbing, firing, mountaineering, cycle/motorcycle expedition, trekking etc.

Faculty In-charge :Lt. Sampath Kumar – Department of Humanties.


Environment Day 2018

The Environment Day 2018 was celebrated on Jun 5, 2018. The students gathered in the SFS Woods - an area exclusively dedicated for the nurturing nature by the NCC at 8 am... More

58th NCC annual day in Vijaya College

Lt Sampath Kumar R receiving a token of appreciation from Vijaya College - R V road, for being judge of the inter college competitions held in the campus & motivating the cadets... More

RDC and Best Institution


Gandhi Jayanthi

On 2nd October 2017, we celebrate the birth of its iconic leader Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi Jayanti. He is called ‘the Father of Our Nation’ for his relentless hard work that brought independence to India... More

Self Defence Training Session for DeSalites
On Sunday 17/07/2017 morning our college NCC Cadets has conducted physical training and self defence in the college campus. Ex-cadet of NCC Brito Paul who is a black belt holder in karate long with his team taught different types of defence and attacking movements to ensure safety... More

Desalite NCC Cadet Khrawbok Sumer Basic Mountaineering course

Desalite NCC Cadet Khrawbok Sumer was one of many NCC cadets to go for this training at Darjeeling and Sikkim last month for fifteen days. April 04 - May 02 - 2017. Only two NCC Cadets represented Karnataka More

Desalite NCC Cadet Vimal Clinton J @ OTA - Kamptee
 Successfully attended OTA - Officers Training Academy - Course at Kamptee, Nagpur from 19th April to 28th April 2017. Congrats Clinton More

Pulse 10 Km Run (Marathon)
 On 28 th June 2015, Pulse 10k Marathon was held at Christ College near Dairy Circle. This marathon was carried out with the idea to bring awareness to Save Snakes in the country. This marathon was flagged off by the DDG. There were 15 Desalites from our college... More

Republic Day Parade by NSS
 On 6 th Jan 2016, The State Level NSS Team was trained by our ANO Lt. Sampath Kumar.R. the NSS team received 3 rd place in drill at Manikshaw parade ground Bangalore. After the RD parade,the NSS team had a photo session with the... More

Old Age Home Visit
 On 24 th July 2015, Our Desalite NCC Cadets visited Orphan age home at HAL, Marathalli. The interaction with the orphans brought home the message that we need to really take care of the orphans and the cadets realized the importance of parents and parenthood... More

Desalites at RDC - 2016 New Delhi


NCC in Action


Desalite NCC Cadets at Children's day Celebrations
 Children’s day was celebrated at Cubbon Park for the first time on 14 th November 2015 and it was a great event. an event meant to entertain children and give them variety of experiences was a successful experiment. NCC cadets from our college... More

Desalites in Drill Demo at Preethi Dham School,Bannerugatta
 On 15 th October 2015, Desalites had Drill demo for the children of Preethi Dham School, Bannerghatta in order to motivate those students to serve the country by joining NCC. Desalites also taught them Firing Skills and various techniques involved in NCC... More

Flags of Honour


Desalites at Gandhi Jayanthi Celebrations
 On 2 nd October 2015, Gandhi Jayanthi was celebrated at St. Francis de Sales College. The main aim of this celebration was to remember and honour the Father of our Nation, Mahatma Mohandas Karamachandra Gandhiji who played a vital role in the freedom of our country... More

Graduation Day 2015
On April 12 th , our college conducted the Graduation Function besides bidding farewell to passing out batch with some cultural programmes along with prize distribution .Our NCC Cadets welcomed the Chief Guest by Pilotiong and our cadets were a part... More

On 8th November 2015, The Directorate General of NCC,Lt.General Anirudh Chakaravathi VSM [DG] of NCC visited Karnataka to interact with the cadets of Karnataka. Two of our cadets performed piloting to welcome the D.G. 4 cadets from our college... More

Every year NCC annual day is organised in our college in the month of Feburary to honour the acchievers and to recognise the hard taks of the cadets during the academic year. The president of the function was Fr Dr. Herold Christopher MSFS, the principal of SFS College... More

Republic Day celebrations


Independence day celebrations


International Day of Yoga


Know our Army


NCC Selection


RDC New Delhi -2016


Traffic Awareness


NCC Training Area