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Report on Cleaning of Public Park

On 25th September 2018, under the guidance of our NCC Lt.Sampath Kumar R we the NCC cadets of St. Francis De Sales college took an initiative of cleaning the public parks in our locality.

Firstly we started the activity from our collage campus, then we all travelled to electronic city public parks, we collected the wastes which we found there later segregated the waste and handed over to the trash collecting which came there while we were cleaning the park.

When we took the first step of cleaning this park some of the public around were motived and they too promised to take by this task of cleaning this park. The children playing there also helped us and they were happy by seeing their park becoming clean.

Cleaning up our neighbourhood park is a great project for new and experienced neighbourhood experience. The quick win is a great way to engage new people in community work, and the active outdoorsy element of the project attracts people who do not want their surroundings to be dirty.

We would like to thank our commanding officer of 1 KAR BN NCC, our principal, vice principal and our ANO Lt.Sampath Kumar R for providing us a great opportunity to serve our society by being the part of world’s largest cleanliness drive “Swachhata Hi Seva”.