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Report on Cleanliness Drive – Bus Stands & Railway Station

On 23rd September 2018, under the guidance of our NCC Lt Sampath Kumar R, Cadets of St. Francis De Sales College became the volunteers for cleaning the Bus Stands & Railway station nearby Electronic City Bus Depo, Hebbagodi, Huskur Gate & Heelalige Railway Station.

We started our activity from our nearby bus stop Huskur Gate. Then we all travelled to the next bus stop Hebbagodi and then to Heelalige Railway Station where we ensured to clean public ways by this activity. This activity had created a awareness to the public and it has provided a lot many information and motivation to the public about “Swachhata Hi Seva” .

Cleanliness and appearance of Bus Stops and Railway Station plays an important role because it is the first place a tourist visits at their arrival to our mother land. So if we keep our railway station and bus stops clean it projects our hospitality and culture. The purpose of this service was making the area prime location & keeping the surrounding neat and tidy.

We would like to thank our commanding officer of 1 KAR BN NCCD, our principal, vice principal and our ANO Lt.Sampath Kumar R for providing us a great opportunity to serve our society by being the part of world’s largest cleanliness drive “Swachhata Hi Seva”.