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Report on Mass Mobilisation for Construction of Compost Pit

On 24TH September, 2018 under the guidance of ANO Lt.Sampath Kumar R we the NCC cadets of St Francis De Sales College formed a team for construction of Compost Pit for disposing the waste.

We took the efforts of constructing a compost pit at a empty farm land near our college, as per the advice of our ANO we made the pit 1 ft. (30.5 cm) deep. Then we dumped carbon rich materials like paper and dried leaves to form organic matter.

Compost is useful to the environment because it reuses the nutrients in organic waste (like food and yard clippings) rather than throwing them away in a landfill, where your yard won't benefit from them at all

Through the magic of composting, we can turn organic matter, like food waste or leaves, into fertilizer that we can use around our yard or our garden. Pit composting, is less unsightly than a compost pile and less work than building a homemade compost bin. All we need to do is grab a shovel, dig a hole, and ready to add compost material to it.

We would like to Thank Our Commanding Officer of 1 KAR BN NCC, Our Principal, Vice Principal and Our ANO Lt Sampath Kumar R for providing us an great opportunity to be a part of world’s largest cleanliness drive “Swachhata Hi Seva” and learn a lot about compost pit.