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Report on Nukad Nataks – Segregation of Waste

On 18th September 2018,Under the guidance of our ANO Lt Sampath Kumar R, NCC Cadets of St Francis De Sales College took an initiative of collecting, segregating and disposing the waste.

The best way to practice waste management is to form a group of like-minded people. Acquiring separate storage drums for storing the dry waste and wet waste will be a great way to store bulk waste.

We went to areas of our institution surrounding Hebbagodi, Anantha Nagara and Huskur Gate about 5 Kilometres, Where we collected the waste which was segregated it into wet waste (organic waste), dry waste (wood, metal & glass) , recyclable (paper, plastic & textile) and non-bio degradable waste (organic matter), later we disposed the waste in a proper manner. “Divide and Conquer the Waste Segregation” is an effective key to waste management.

Segregation of waste is important because if the waste is not segregated properly, it all gets mixed up in landfills. The dangers of this that they all leak after a period of time, resulting in leachate or toxic soup at the bottom which can contaminate ground water and release explosive methane gas.

When we segregate waste there is reduction of waste that gets landfilled and occupies space, air, and water pollution rates are considerably lower.

We would like to Thank Our Commanding Officer of 1 KAR BN NCC, Our Principal, Vice Principal and Our ANO Lt Sampath Kumar R for providing us an great opportunity to be a part of world’s largest cleanliness drive “ Swachhata Hi Seva”.