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Report of mass awareness rally on “swachh hi seva”

On 16th of September 2018 i.e., on Sunday, nearly 200 cadets (NCC Army, Naval, SD, SW, JD, JW) in the presence of ANO Lt Sampath Kumar. R and ex-cadets we conducted a mass awareness rally on “Swachh Hi Seva”.

We started this rally from our college and continued till Bommasandra. We rallied with motive to bring awareness among the public about the importance of cleanliness and need for keeping our surroundings clean and green. We did rally with various pluck cards with quotes regarding the dream of Mahatma Gandhi -“The Swachh Bharath”. People paid attention in seeing what we are doing and reading the pluck cards displayed by us. We also displayed the public to use dustbins in public places and not to throw waste road side. Our cadets even chanted few sayings like “Lana hay Lana hay Swachh Bharath Lana hay” and “Banega banega Swachh Bharath Banega”. Senior cadets controlled the rally very wisely and pre planned.

This rally was successful because of the hard work, direction and motivation by out Lt Sampath Kumar. R and our ex-cadets. We thank our ANO for his presence with us and his everlasting direction and motivation.

We would like to thank our Karnataka and Goa directorate for making cadets involve in various social activities. We thank our 1 KAR BN NCC for providing their support in doing various social activities. Special thanks to our principal who gives us lot of support and making our college NCC a better place to serve the nation.