Principal's Message

Dear friends,
In the relentless momentum of time, SFS College has attained mainstream fame. It has become a rallying point for students from a plethora of backgrounds, committed as the College is to be a catalyst for the convergence of opportunities and strengths through skill development and knowledge-sharing programmes. Today we lament the superficiality of our society. Myriad shades of cultures seep into one another amidst the banality and grinding struggles of everyday existence.
Higher education must create self-starters, and game-changers, imbued with the spirit of endurance, excellence and endeavour. They should become dispellers of darkness, the harbingers of hope, and the counters to cynicism. As India stands at a crossroads today, there is a mass movement from the static loop of a traditional village society to the complex movements of modernity, personal growth and new forms of personal relationships. We need to devise ingenious ways to tackle problems and create an idyllic cultural amalgam of multilingual, cosmopolitan sophistication.

SFS College strives to formulate student-centric educational programmes focused on emerging and futuristic needs. Here students carve their own enterprises; make learning more holistic and enjoyable, and lead innovation in learner-centric education in order to nurture responsible, young citizens who will feel inspired and confident to contribute to sustainable social transformation in various domains. The focus will be on the use of modern technology and inventive research programs that are affordable, scalable and sustainable for lifelong learning, growth, prosperity, health and happiness of all.

Here in the dignified precincts of the College, we shall stoke a revival even though the way ahead may be beset with unforeseen hazards. Our aim is to provide an atmosphere of free and fair learning opportunities, based on intellectual inquisitiveness; to offer opportunities to students with an interest and passion for learning, rather than exam-based ranking systems; to promote collective understanding of each other’s cultures, customs, traditions, doctrines, concepts, resources, technologies, operating procedures and communication networks.
We are setting out on a quest for resurgence, to re-energize, renew, reframe and rethink; to push the boundaries of excellence and to set new benchmarks in quality education, to empower every person to achieve more. In the end, nothing short of a win matters. SFS offers a formidable combination of challenges and promises. Let’s together face these challenges and accomplish the promises.

Rev Dr Roy P.K.