Principal's Message

“True Zeal must be accompanied by knowledge and judgement” says St. Francis de Sales, the patron of this prestigious institute. Judgement without knowledge and truth would fail justice and thus fail humanity. The years that Desalites spend in the portals of knowledge and wisdom, I believe, would form them to be citizens of wisdom and right judgement. Your days here, in this institute, would not be merely to obtain a degree certificate rather to form yourself to be a better human to the society awaiting a personality that can help the poor, sense the needy, build confidence of a broken world, bring consolation to the desperate, peace to people around you and to act maturely without giving room to deeds of instinct. The sports that you take part in, the academic programmes you participate, the cultural fests that you enjoy, the seminars, conferences, guests lectures and finally the company of those who accompany you throughout your days here could surely lay foundation for a firm character in you. Use your time for constructive, creative and collective purposes, use your knowledge to portray your fine character and I wish you become a blessing to your family, to the society and to the world at large. May you “Bloom wherever you are planted.” Hail Desalite.

Fr. Jijo Manjackal