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A College Flag is a sacred item that carries a great significance.

A flag represents an ideal. It is not a mere piece of decoration. Instead, a flag stands for the ideals which the College upholds and promotes.

St Francis de Sales College, today, is proud to release its new flag... a Tricolor Flag - Yellow, White and Blue - idealizing its motto - Excellence, Transformation and Efficiency!

The number 3 represents, according to the Christian Faith, God, the Trinity. It stands for fullness and completeness. The tricolor, therefore, inspires every Desalite to move towards achieving perfection, in all spheres of life.

Yellow, the colour of sunshine, stands for the intellect and positive energy. It is the colour that represents to spirit of achieving "excellence" in all endevours.

White, the colour of purity, stands for the spirit of goodness and sincerity. It is the colour that represents the aspect of bringing about a "transformation" by our integral way of life.

Blue, the colour of the sea and sky, stands for the qualities of wisdom, confidence and truth. It is the colour that represents the spirit of "efficiency" and inspires people to work towards competence and effectiveness in all the areas of life.

The Desalite Tricolor - with Yellow, White and Blue - is a motivation for all the Desalites to achieve perfection, through Excellence, Transformation and Efficiency!

Let us respect the Desalite Flag - for when you respect it, you are respecting the College, and thus expressing, that you are proud to be a Desalite!