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On 10th September 2017, with the guidance of Lt. Sampath Kumar and PI Staff Hav CD Reddy, 98 Cadets of SFS college hiked in Savanadurga hill near Magadi.

Savanadurga is a hill which is situated 60kms far from our college. The hill is considered to be the second largest single rock formation hills in Asia. It rises to height of 1226m above the sea level and forms a part of the Deccan Plateau. DESALITES had reached the Savandurga at around 10:30am and the hiking started with enthusiasm among cadets. From the foot of the hill all trekked up to the hill which was slope and steep and without much grip but as Desalites climbed higher they got used to the terrain and strain. The goal was to take the India national flag to the top of the hill with the spirit of adventure and patriotism. After 3 hours of trekking they reached the altitude with the India national flag. The trekking created a great impact on the cadets and other people who had come there. On our way back down the hills all cadets performed Swatch Bharat by collecting all the wastes and plastic accumulated around the hills. As an impact a sense of respect towards historical places and sense of patriotism was created. After an adventurous day the cadets reached the SFS College at 5:30 pm.

We would like thank Our Commanding officer, Principal and ANO for providing as permission and support to complete the activity successfully.