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Gandhi Jayanthi: Traffic Awareness Program: NCC - Oct 2, 2018

On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanthi - 2nd October 2018 – the cadets of the NCC conducted a Traffic Awareness program in the college premises.

The main aim of this activity was to give general information about traffic and teach our NCC cadets about traffic signal, rules regulation according to motor vehicle act and the effects of not following this rules.

The program started in the college at 12pm. The program was carried with the help of Traffic Head Constable Syed Amid Pasha. The officer taught the meaning and importance of various traffic signals. The officers provided with information about the traffic police stations and also about the various rules and regulations that must be followed on the road.

The session was an interactive one, with the cadets being enlightened by showing them all the sign board and cautionary signals and videos related to traffic regulation.