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State Level Conference @ Mysore

It gives me great pleasure to render a short recapitulation of events of this special day for Xavior Board of Higher Education Karnataka Region and the Conference of Catholic Colleges of Karantaka.
The day began with Registration at 9 am followed by the inaugural function at 10 15 am with an invocation song by the Teresian College choir.
Rev. Dr.Baiju Antony CM welcomed the dignitaries, principals, faculty and students from around 27 catholic colleges of Karnataka.
At the inaugural function, dignitaries on the dais were His Excellency, Bishop KA William, Bishop of Mysore, Rev. Fr. Eugene, SJ, Secretary Karnataka Regional Commission for Education, Rev. Fr. Leslie Moras, National President Xavior Board and President of Conference of Catholic Colleges of Karnataka., Rev. Fr. Christopher, Secretary of CCCK, Dr. Nancy Treasurer, Xavior Board Karnataka Region, Rev.Sr. Sajitha Vice-president of Xavior Board, and Rev. Fr. Baiju Antony CM, Secretary, CCCK, Mysore Region.
The inauguration was officiated by His Excellency, Bishop KA William, accompanied by all the dignitaries. In his inaugural address, the Bishop said that this was a special session as both Xavior Board and Conference of Catholic Colleges of Karnataka came together. He said that we always do the ministry of teaching with a great purpose, the mission Jesus has entrusted to us by upholding Christian values through teaching. He emphasised the importance of having a say in the election of our own leaders and that is the need of the hour. He said, “We have to stand united, work together and think together.” He also hoped to have a followup of this important gathering.
Rev. Fr. Leslie Moras addressed the gathering “on the importance of this day.” Speaking about the inception of the conference of catholic colleges of Karnataka, he said, it was a great achievement that delegates from around 27 colleges came together for this seminar. He said that as catholics we have to understand what it means to grow into a new India by 2022, and he added that our strength would be directly in our coming together.
Rev. Fr. Eugene S J, a doctor in economics and one of the resource persons for this event was introduced by Prof. Pinto. He enlightened the participants on the topic, “All India Catholic Education Policy and the New Education Policy of the Government. He shared the views of Pope Francis on education and a chapter-wise explanation of the catholic policy document.Speaking on the education policy, he shared various aspects like quality education for every child, quality and content of education in India, education and care of Catholics and the marginalised, and spiritual formation of all.
After the tea break, His Excellency, Bishop Francis Serrano S J, Bishop of Shimoga was introduced by Prof. Preetha Florence. The Bishop gave a session on “Socio-political Situation of India and Responses of Catholic Colleges” which was continued with another session after lunch. In his first session, he spoke about “Increasing or Growing Safronization in India, especially the background of the issue in the light of the need for the unity of the nation despite a religious, linguistic, cultural and geographical diversity, besides the four components of religion as creed, code, cult and community. He also spoke on the “social stratification theory” based on the four structures as, economic, political, cultural and ideological. In his second session, the Bishop spoke about ideology as a vision of life and a way of life. He spoke about various ways of responding to the challenges faced by the Catholics, including specific action plans. Rev. Fr. Leslie Moras extended a word of gratitude to the Bishop at the end of the session.
A session by Dr. Ponmudi Raj on National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) and 2017 Regulation was held for principals and faculty members at 3 pm and a simultaneous session was held for the students on “Catholic Character of our Colleges” by Mr. Shoy Thomas, former coordinator of Jesus Youth National Council and former JY Campus Coordinator of Karnataka.
As we are at the valedictory of this wonderful day, I wish you all a great and grace-filled time ahead. God bless. Thank you.