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DePsyLight 2018
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Report on World Mental Health Day 2018

​ World Mental Health Day is celebrated every year at the initiative of the World Federation for Mental Health for theglobal mental health education, awareness and advocacy against social stigma. Each year is dedicated with a theme to bring awareness. Theme for 2018 is “Youth and Mental health in Changing World”. Dept. of Psychology- PG, hosted number of events to celebrate World Mental Health Day 2018. The event was named as “DePsyLight”. The program was scheduled to happen in three phases. ​

Phase I - Students of Psychology Department were trained to spread awareness about Mental Health and its importance in daily practice. Seniors and juniors were divided into 5 teams. Each team had to come up with a chart on the relevant topic. On 3rd Oct 2018, students were allowed to visit each classroom and speak to students and teachers in class about Mental Health and its importance. Department received an overwhelming response in the campus for initiating a noble cause. The charts were displayed on World Mental Health Day. All faculty, staff and students in the campus were invited on the same day with the invitation card made by Ms. Rabia.

Phase II - To begin with, the badges prepared by Ms. Rakshitha, were given to Judges, Principal, Vice Principal, teachers and all students to wear. 09.10.18 was the day with full competitions for all PG students from different streams. Extempore, Collage, Pictorial Story Writing and Memory Quiz were the four competitions hosted by the department. Judges were invited to judge all events. Events started from 9.00 a.m onwards till 1.30 p.m. Competitions were successful with good number of participants. Certificates for winners were distributed on World Mental Health Day. Winning collages were displayed on the day of the event. Competitions were received with great enthusiasm and spirit. ​

Phase III - The World Mental Health Day was celebrated on 10th Oct 2018. The day started by spreading awareness about mental health by distributing green ribbon to all faculty and staff in the campus. The program started at 11.45 a.m. Chief Guest Dr. N Janardhana, Additional Professor, Dept. of Psychiatric Social Work, NIMHANS, Bangalore presided over the program. Varieties of programs added colours to the event. Two poetry recitations by students were unique, skit on awareness about mental health was excellently executed, group song was the tune of the program. Highlight was three videos played on impact of mental health and execution of it in daily practice. Ms. Sarah had done a brilliant work in making documentary about the impressions of faculty and students about mental health. Chief Guest addressed the gathering talking about perception of a person who is mentally ill and the other normal population. He explained the concept of mental illness and issues faced by them. Statistics about the people affected at present was also given. Excellent information shared by the Chief Guest made the program more meaningful. Principal addressed the gathering highlighting the importance of mental health and its importance and also the ill effects due to negligence of people about mental health. The program came to an end by facilitating the Chief Guest and expressing sincere gratitude to each and every single person in making the day happen. With great support and guidance of Vice Principal, the event was successful. The purpose of bringing awareness among people about the importance of mental health was successful through the event. ​