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The Largest Gathering of Universal Dance Event (Udear)

DATE: 31ST DEC, 2017

SFS College takes pride in having hosted the largest gathering of historic universal dance record event organized by HIDDENIDOL to pay tribute to the farmers. The event took place all over the world at the same time, an attempt for Guinness World Records & Asia Book of Records. The event began with a prayer song by the students of Thailand of SFS College. The Chief Guest, Mr. Rajesh, Circle Inspector, Attilbele Police Station, the Guest of Honour. Mrs. Girija Manjunath, Panchayat President, Hebbagodi, Special Guest, Br. Tom, Prof, University of Dayton and Judge, Mrs. Lakshmi Kathik, Nrithyalakshana Dance School were welcomed. The event began by lighting the lamp by the dignitaries. Followed by the speeches, the mega dance event began exactly at 4 pm. More than 200 Bharathanatiyam Dancers took part in the event. After the event all the participants were congratulated by all the dignitaries.

Hiddenidol accorded the title, ‘Natyaa Aacharya’ to all the gurus and ‘Natyamani’ to all the participants. The major challenge of the event is to record and mark the entry and exit of the participants. The challenge turned out to be successful with the excellent support provided by the Stewards and the Witnesses.
The event came to an end with a formal note of Vote of Thanks and National Anthem.
The event coordinator, Prof. R. Gayathri and the student volunteers were all appreciated by the dignitaries for their excellent teamwork.

Event Coordinator
Prof. R. Gayathri