M.A English Literature

2 Years Course

English Literature at Post Graduate level seeks to explore the vibrant avenues pertaining to highly intellectual tracks. The genres of literature enthrals every learner to be passionate and interested. Reference to the literary genres from Chaucer to contemporary texts open up an avenue towards rhetorical and methodological learning.

Literary texts from Chaucer to Modern Literature actuate the students to enlighten themselves on socio-cultural & political contexts. The texts try to accommodate marginal voices with special references to Medieval England, Elizabethan Age, Cavalier and Puritan Age, Restoration Age, Age of Prose, Victorian Age and contemporary literature. The Indian Literature in English show the prevalence of several cultural worlds within any culture. The Literary Criticism and Critical Reading equip students in terms of critical reading of textual material by introducing to the world of Plato, Aristotle, Philip Sidney, Johnson and many more.

Part I and Part II of Gender Studies introduce students to the various frames of gender operating in the lives of individuals. The papers focus on the major gender debates in India and gives the subject a local setting. The European Classics help learners to read texts in the wider contexts to encourage original methods of interpretation while surveying traditional texts. American literature and world Literature offers students to the varieties of writings having emerged from different regions and continents. Communicative English Paper teach students the skills of LSRW, Phonetics and Modern English Grammar and language functions are given prime importance.

The papers on Post-colonial studies helps to familiarize them with the history of post-colonial theories and its relevance in contemporary literature. The cultural studies make students to acquaint idea of Popular Literature and Popular Culture by studying sub-culture and fringe identities. The study of Chomsky’s Transformational Generative Grammar and Halliday’s Scale Category Grammar introduce them to the world of language and linguistics. Children’s Literature, Ghost Stories, Detective Fiction help the learners to appreciate and analyse non-canonical texts. The project to be undertaken by the students at the end of the second year pave way to expand, explore and enrich the research horizons of the learners.

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