B. Sc (PCM)

3 Years Course

B.Sc (PCM) is a three year under graduate program under Bangalore University spanning over six semesters. It follows triple major system where in students study Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics as major subjects. The three year program paves way for taking up further postgraduate programs in pure science.

The undergraduate course in Mathematics is designed to enable the students to lay a strong foundation in various fields of Mathematics. The course enables the students to develop an intellectual level seeking to expose the various concepts in Mathematics. It also aims at enhancing the students reasoning, analytical and problem solving skills.

Maths curriculum is intensive and extensive and includes main topics like Calculus and Advanced Calculus, Differential Equations, Linear Algebra, Groups, Rings, Fields, Vector Spaces, Vector Algebra, Vector Calculus, Real Analysis, Vector Mechanics, Numerical Analysis. Complex Analysis, etc.

FOSS(Free and Open Source Software) tools like SCILAB and MAXIMA are introduced. Students find better perceptions of the Practical applications of mathematics using their programming skills. Numerical Analysis, Fourier series and Integral Transforms  papers help the students to envisage an in-depth knowledge of various numerical methods and integral transforms required in Scientific and Technological Applications. Guest lectures, seminars are organized by the department. Mathematical puzzles and games are organized in order to Improve and utilize the mathematical skills of the students.

Click here to View CBCS Syllabus


Click here to View CBCS Syllabus


Click here to View CBCS Syllabus