Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)

3 Years Course

To provide an environment to uphold the inner faculties of students and teachers so as to develop the required knowledge and skills for achieving wisdom through excellence in the field of Commerce and Business. 

•To blend theoretical knowledge with practical skills in business so as to prepare the youth to attain holistic approach and to occupy managerial positions in accounting, finance, international business and tourism besides general commerce and management. 
•To prepare human resource to cater to the growing needs of the teaching community and in the fields of business. 
•To develop entrepreneurial ability in students. 
•To develop human resource for the business sector. 
•To provide quality education to the students and thus enable them in character formation and to be confident to face future endeavours. 

Year of Establishment : 
• B. Com : 18/10/2004 

  Names of Programmes / Courses offered : 
• Bachelor of Commerce (B. Com) 

Annual/ semester/choice based credit system (programme wise) : 
• 2014-2017 Batch – CBCS System 
•2013-2016 Batch & prior batches – Semester System 

Courses in collaboration with other universities, institutions, etc. 
Year, Organization /Institution, Course 
* 2014-2015 - NSDC, Govt. of India, Banking & Finance 
* 2014-2015  -SFS College, Tally 
* 2015-2016 - NSDC, Govt. of India, Banking & Finance 
* 2015-2016 - NICT, Tally

Bachelor of Commerce (B. Com) 
This course presently is chosen by most of the students as there seem to be wide range of opportunities open for them. The course if offered with reputed staff who are not only efficient, qualified but also highly disciplined besides having mastery over the given subject.

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