BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)

3 Years Course

Batchelor of Business Administration offers a comprehensive course to under graduate students of Business Management. BBA focuses beyond academics and caters to the present industry requirements. Through group activities, net working and projects based on industrial exposure the students are moulded to become successful managers and entrepreneurs. Management Department of ST.FRANCIS DE SALES COLLEGE , affiliated to Bangalore  University  offers a full time BBA course with a curriculum that allows the students to focus on specialised areas such as Strategic Management, E-Business, Income Tax, International Business, Marketing ,and Human Resource Management. This helps the applicants to tailor their choice of course to their carrier aspirations.

The curriculum is designed in a pattern that allows students to choose certificate courses and projects of their choice and thereby enabling them to make decisions and work towards their goal. The course provides core and non-core papers each semester that becomes a comprehensive package for management studies. The final year allows students to choose Electives on Finance or Human Resource Management.  A mini project is undertaken by the final year students in order to get a real time exposure in industrial analysis as a partial fulfilment of their degree by which students can learn how to reach smart business conclusions through empirical analysis.

The Department prepares students to be effective managers with inter disciplinary knowledge, future entrepreneurs, and take up higher education so as to become business ping this in scientists and research consultants in the future. Keeping this in mind the class arrangements range from case reports to case presentations and class discussions where Students are exposed to case study methodology wherever possible. Carefully chosen cases are given in the class for analysis and discussions. This method promotes creative, collaborative and critical learning atmosphere to students. The department conducts seminars at National and International levels. Inter collegiate and intra-class Students seminars are conducted to analyse the overall development in recent trends in Management sector.

The students are taken every year on study tours and industrial visits. DESMA -Desalite Management Association Organises Intra and Inter departmental activities. Finance Club and Human Resource Club is made especially for the final year students and activities are conducted for them regarding the current affairs and upcoming  expected changes in business environment which  assists them to tackle the problems

During the FIRST SEMESTER the curriculum focuses on Accountancy, Mathematics, and Business Environment, which give basic idea about business. In the SECOND SEMESTER they learn advanced syllabus of first semester. In the THIRD SEMESTER subjects like Corporate Accounting and importance on Ethics in Business, Corporate Environment, Human Resource Management are focussed. Teaching these subjects takes students to have an idea about business environment, ethics and accounting aspect. In the FOURTH SEMESTER the curriculum focuses on Banking, Marketing, Business Research Methods, Corporate Accounting and Strategic Management whereby pupils get an idea regarding the aspects of business. In the FIFTH SEMESTER options to choose Electives are given -FINANCE OR HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Which is applicable even to SIXTH SEMESTER as well. In the final year they learn International Business, E- Business, Management Accounting, Income tax to groom the students to be fit for higher studies or become entrepreneurs. This helps the students to focus on business management and prepares them to be ready for the world of commerce.

The department conducts Certificate Course such as TALLY which adds value for their carrier development.

This degree helps the students to develop practical, managerial, communication skills and decision making ability. With a BBA one can obtain the expertise to approach business administration from micro and macro prospective and be prepared to pursue career opportunities in varieties of fields. One could become an administrative executive, banker, executive director, project manager and so on.

We have students from almost 12 foreign nations and more than 20 indian states graduating from our college. If you want to be one of those fully formed, mentally well prepared candidate to serve the world. You are most welcome to join this course. Come and enjoy your learning.

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